Spotlightor Interactive
Based in Beijing, China

Founding date:
September 1, 2009


Press / Business Contact:


Candle Man
Chrono Express

Building 3A, Room 306
Baiziwan Road #32, Chaoyang District

+86 13811132000


Spotlightor is an indie game studio based in Beijing, dedicated to creating innovative games, which provide unique experiences and meaningful insights.


Early history - Interactive design

Spotlightor was founded in 2009 by Gao Ming and Ma Xiaoyu. They began the cooperation in university and made several interactive installations and indie games together. After they graduated from university, there were very few interactive design agencies in China – they considered it as a good chance and founded Spotlightor Interactive. After 4 years' hard working in the interactive design area, Spotlightor grew up into a small and professional interactive design studio.

After that - Indie games

Gao Ming decided to devote himself to game design career before he entered university. In the first 4 years of Spotlightor, he kept making game prototypes during free time, participating in Ludum Dare game jams, and embedding game elements in commercial interactive design projects. After 4 years, Spotlightor had gained enough experience through commercial projects and some money to start indie projects – it was time to chase another dream, a dream of indie games. In 2013, Spotlightor started a plan called “Crazy Friday” – each Friday, we stopped all commercial projects and made indie games instead. Since then, Spotlightor started its journey of indie games. After 1 year, Chrono Express was born and released on Apple App Store.


Now, Spotlightor uses money earned from commercial projects to develop indie games. We don't need "Crazy Friday" anymore, because we'll keep making games during the "free" time between commercial projects. Recently, we are busy developing Candle Man for consoles.



Candle Man Trailer YouTube

Chrono Express Preview YouTube


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Interactive Desgin
See what we've done as an interactive design agency http://spotlightor.com.


Gao Ming
Producer & Game Designer & Coder

Ma Xiaoyu
Art Director & Manager

Zhang Xue
3D Artist

Liu Ye
Level Designer & Animator

Wang Hao
Narrative Designer & Game Designer

Hu Shijian
Concept Artist

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